Thursday, 19 November 2015


Assalamualaikum reader(s)!
And also salam sejahtera :)

Um, I actually don't know what to type about but my desire to post something is too high to describe. Hahah, nampak tak poyo kat situ. 

I got some thought after I watched "Hello Monster" korean drama, uuuuu yes I'm a korean drama lover. Who is with me? Put your hands up eh eh yeahhh xD This story is about I don't really understand actually but this drama I can describe it as a little bit different lah kot with other drama because what specific genre pun aku taktahu. There is no such a many lovey dovey things, romance and so on but do have a pasangan. Crime? Em, ada lah jugak but not whole story padahal banyak je membunuh hahah. This story is about a relationship between an older brother and a younger brother that live seperately for the long time, 20 years at a time and the younger brother got misunderstood with his older brother thinking that his brother abandoned him and give him to that jerk named Lee Joon Yeong padahal tak pun, apa lah kanak-kanak. 

The Lee Joon Yeong man is a psychopath lah because when he was a child dia kena kurung and macam mental abuse kot? I don't know jugak lah. So he, Lee Joon Yeong ni start to killed people that he think abandoned him or other child. Gitu lah, sampai ke tua lah dia membunuhnya, hebat pulak tu. The polices can't trace where is the corpse and didn't even know pun dia tu Lee Joon Yeong. Boleh pulak dia jadi Medical Examiner. Psychopath ni biasanya cerdik kan? I'm asking okay, bukan buat penyataan, harap maklum.

What I want to tell here is aku kan memang tertarik betul dengan psychopath dan segala apa yang berkaitan mental ni. Well, dulu nak jadi psychologists but takda rezeki kan heheh. I don't know why, I think the mental illness is very attract me nak tahu pasal penyakit tu but I don't rajin enough want to do a search on that. But I do read some books jugak sebab nak tahu kan. Actually, aku nak cerita benda lain sebenarnya tadi. Ended up cerita pasal Hello Monster ni pulak dah hahah. 

Oh ye, I want to remind la, I'm a girl who have such a many styles and personalities tau so don't judge me too early and what's worse, don't judge me based on what I wear, my style on typing and whatever lah. Jap, sabit apa aku cakap pasal mende ni tetibe? Okay, we stop here okay. Later I'll continue with myself :) What's important is my desire to post something in here have fulfill. Before I end this post, I have a question but I know there will be no one will answer me hahaha never mind. I want to ask jugak.

Korang kan yang baca blog anonymous macam aku ni, macam sesiapa jelah, tak curious ke nak tahu, who is he? who is she? How do he/she look? How is the real attitude of her/him? Orang yang macam mana dia ni? I want to know him/her more lah! Takda pernah rasa ke weh? Well, am just asking anyway, don't take this question too serious, ya ya ya I do know "curiousity kills a cat". Dan sabit apa aku letak idiom tu? Idiom ke tu? Entah hahah. Why am I asking? Because I have those feelings :)

Then, jjalja (good night) and sweet dream!

May Allah bless.

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